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Alfa-inet tariffs
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"Full Unlim" - Without any limitations on amount of traffic *

You pay just for bandwith limitation inside common channel. But you will have no limitations on total amount of trnsferred data.
We do not reduce bandwith limit when you reach some threshold of consumed traffic.

Tariff Code Transfer rate Monthly price, UAH Comments
in all directions
Alfa Premium 250 1/142 up to 300 Mbit/s 250 BD-rip in 15 minutes
Alfa Super 190 1/143 up to 100 Mbit/s 190  
Alfa Midi 150 1/144 up to 50 Mbit/s 150  

(*)transfer rate may vary depending total load of channels.
(*)if you need exclusive channel with guaranteed bandwith to some point of the Internet we can do it for separate price


If you want to use regular TV-set, you need to rent a set-top-box for 38 UAH per month or buy its own one.

When you rent set-top-box we reserve 450 UAH on your account until set-top-box is returned.

Important notes

  • All prices are final, including VAT
  • Internal traffic between our customers is not limited for all tariffs
  • We use shielded Ethernet cable, categoty 5e (FTP Cat5e).
    It significantly reduce risk of electrical damage of your equipment during thunderstorms. Also, this makes easy to switch you to 1 Gbit/s when needed
    Existing cable TV wiring cannot be used, it is completly different type of cable.

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if municipal transtort is stoped, service requests and new lonk request may be delayed.
We continue our service regardless of quarantine. But in case of full lockout we may stop connecting new customers.
Keep kalm and be healthy. Attention!
Payment policy changes since 01.07.2019
We are testing VK/OK/Yandex/ filtering.
You can enable filter on your account management page.
Changes would take effect in 10 minutes.
We also recommend you to backup all your personal data if stored on Yandex, VK, OK, and change e-mail.

* Connect for free

Make 500 UAH prepaid and get 250 on account.

If you are about to connect

* Changed conditions for free connection
There are new bonus options for people who move to other location inside our coverage and who move to flats those are already connected to our network.


Make annually prepaid and get extra 2 months for free

For organizations!

  • Fiber optic splicing 25 UAH/fiber
  • Installation of SCS
  • High quality indor WiFi
  • 100 Mbit internet
    - 1500 UAH with VAT.