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Карта сети

Nischinskogo 12 Holoseevskiy 25 Holoseevskiy 21 Dorogozhichi NTKU Dovzhenko Pobedy 60 Alter-net D-net Kryshev B.Zhitomirskaya 6 Artema L9 Gonchara 75 Gonchara 35 Proreznaya 2 Patorzhinskogo 14 Reytarskaya Rusanovka

Развернутый список обслуживаемых адресов
Интерактивная карта
Please contact our manager or fill request form to get information about connection in other places.

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if municipal transtort is stoped, service requests and new lonk request may be delayed.
We continue our service regardless of quarantine. But in case of full lockout we may stop connecting new customers.
Keep kalm and be healthy. Attention!
Payment policy changes since 01.07.2019
We are testing VK/OK/Yandex/ filtering.
You can enable filter on your account management page.
Changes would take effect in 10 minutes.
We also recommend you to backup all your personal data if stored on Yandex, VK, OK, and change e-mail.

* Connect for free

Make 500 UAH prepaid and get 250 on account.

If you are about to connect

* Changed conditions for free connection
There are new bonus options for people who move to other location inside our coverage and who move to flats those are already connected to our network.


Make annually prepaid and get extra 2 months for free

For organizations!

  • Fiber optic splicing 25 UAH/fiber
  • Installation of SCS
  • High quality indor WiFi
  • 100 Mbit internet
    - 1500 UAH with VAT.