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if municipal transtort is stoped, service requests and new lonk request may be delayed.
We continue our service regardless of quarantine. But in case of full lockout we may stop connecting new customers.
Keep kalm and be healthy. Attention!
Payment policy changes since 01.07.2019
We are testing VK/OK/Yandex/ filtering.
You can enable filter on your account management page.
Changes would take effect in 10 minutes.
We also recommend you to backup all your personal data if stored on Yandex, VK, OK, and change e-mail.

* Connect for free

Make 500 UAH prepaid and get 250 on account.

If you are about to connect

* Changed conditions for free connection
There are new bonus options for people who move to other location inside our coverage and who move to flats those are already connected to our network.


Make annually prepaid and get extra 2 months for free

For organizations!

  • Fiber optic splicing 25 UAH/fiber
  • Installation of SCS
  • High quality indor WiFi
  • 100 Mbit internet
    - 1500 UAH with VAT.

  • Alfa-inet

    Alfa-inet ISP propose you to connect to our network. You can see our coverage on the map or read address list. There are o lot of references to us in the Internet and social networks Facebook LocalUA . Along with reliable high quality access to the Internet Alfa-inet may service you PCs and domestic LANs. If you can't find your address in the list, please contact us anyway. We shell try to find a way to connect you.

    Street building


    • Symmetric channels - download and upload transfer rates are equal. You can download and transmit data on high speed. This improves your rating in PtP networks ( EMule, eDonkey, BitTorrent ). Some people download and transmit more than 1 Tb a month :)
    • Simple tariffs - all prices includes VAT, there are no hidded payments and implicit limitations.
    • 7/24 support. Financial questions are also considerable.
    • High speed 1GE access to UA-IX and segments of the Internet.
    • Perfect speed and ping to the most Internet game servers.
    • No additional equipment required.
    • We can setup your home router or WiFi
    • And, at last, we can alway find a compromise :)

    For technicals

    • We have 10 Gbit/s link to UA-IX
      10 Gbit/s to DTEL-IX,
      10 Gbit/s to DEC-IX (Europe),
      5 Gbit/s to Giganet,
      10 Gbit/s to NTT,
      10 Gbit/s to Twelve99 (ex-Telia),
      10 Gbit/s to Lumen/Level3,
      10 Gbit/s peering with Google,
      20 Gbit/s to Google Global Cache in our DC
    • Our network uses ethernet technology. All building are connected with fiber optic, appartments are conencted with FTP cable.
    • We provide IPv6 access for all our clients since 2006.
    • There are no traffic filters. We blocks only MS Windows file exchange ptotocols to eliminate virus activity. Also, by default we block access to extenal SMTP servers, however, this is optional.
    • We can provide custom services like VLAN setup, IP block assignment and routng to your IP, fiber optic to the home, hosting and many other things.

    For suppliers

    If you are about to propose us some kind of hardware, please, check out our hardware requirements.
    WBR, Alfa-inet tech. department.



    Ph. +38 (044) 239-89-89 (multi-line)
    +38 (093) 172-0-111 multi-line Life ;)
    +38 (099) 274-68-03 MTS
    +38 (098) 508-74-40 KievStar
    web user's cabinet
    Skype Alfa-Inet
    Facebook Alfa-Inet



    Payment policy changes since 01.07.2019
    TV playlist id changed. Removed "Favorite movies" and "English club". Added "ArmPUB TV", "Esculap Armenia TV", "Oboz Tv".
       New acquiring system is available
       Privat24 acquiring is available again.
    Due to problems with Privat24 acquiring we temporary do not accept payments via this system.
       Terminals City24 / BNC24 are available again.
    Internet access may be temporary interrupted in the night 25-26.08.2016 since 23:00 till 6:00 because of hardware upgrade at Artema 32-38,30a,30b,33a,35 and Bekhterevskiy lane.
    We apologise for possible inconvenience.
       Due to license problem terminals City24 / BNC24 are temporary unavailable.
    Portmone is temporary unavailable due to upgrade to TLS 1.2. They expect to be finush during this day.
       We have opened one more account in Concord bank.
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